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RIP Miuchiz :(

Miuchiz ended on Jan. 31st, 2012. This website will continue.

Along with Love, Missme, Peace, Bar, Wrig, Cloeh, Ash, etc., I play ActiveWorlds now. It is similar to miuchiz in many ways. It has mion and Bilbo's house along with lots of other miuchiz stuff. You can also build things there.

For example, I am working on creating a Miuchiz Memorial Museum. It is in the world yellow and the coordinates are 667.35N 1273.79E -0.03a 270

My A.W. username is dєєρвℓυєσcєαη123.


ℓσνєgєєк (love)

мιѕѕмєℓυνѕριє (missme) 

Xazn (cloeh)

Wolfeh (wrig)

barfiedoq (bar)

peacesmile1999 (peace)


Welcome Miuchiz Fans!

My Accounts On Miuchiz:

SeaLuvsSmoothiez, mchm123 & deepbluesea123 expired- I use my accounts deepblueocean123, Seaieo, & SmoothieLuvah mostly. I also have QueenSea.

Welcome to my website! Check out the pages in the side bar :)

The Anti-Expiring Accounts page is for members of this site only, and the Miuchiz Confidential page is password protected.


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